EVO Cyber

Personal Data Insurance

Available only through Evolution Insurance Inc., EVO CYBER is a product specifically designed to offer a comprehensive first and third-party coverage for personal date liability to SMEs.


Any small to mid-sized company domiciled in Canada with revenues up to $50 M and not operating in the financial, health/pharma, software or governmental sector


About the program:

Coverage available on a standalone or add-on basis

Premiums as low as $175 (add-on) or $1,000 (standalone)

Deductible as low as $1,000

Instant quote; minimal information required

Only a one-page declaration is needed to bind coverage

Our Appetite:
Insuring Agreements:
Breach of personal data

Business interruption

Hacker damage

Cyber extortion

Privacy infringement claim

Crisis management costs

Also Included:
Automatic worldwide coverage (jurisdiction Canada)

Broad definition of breach

Cyber hotline 24/7 with appointed breach coach