Directors and Officers Liability

Director’s and officer’s liability insurance has become essential to the insurance portfolios of all companies, whether they are public, private or not for-profit. Considering the growing number and severity of lawsuits and financial scandals, members of boards of directors and officers have their responsibilities and duties emphasized by the current regulatory and legislative environment, and as such they must take measures in order to protect themselves and their businesses. To meet these needs, Evolution Insurance has developed the EVO GOLD program offering a very comprehensive insurance policy to Canadian private and not for-profit corporations. We also offer insurance solutions to public companies.


The EVO GOLD program is designed to accelerate and facilitate the placement process for both the broker and insured by limiting the amount of information required to a minimum, while still providing comprehensive coverages including full coverage of the entity, employment practice liability, fiduciary liability, as well as additional coverages such as employee dishonesty and third party fraud.

Product details
The EVO GOLD program provides automatic limit options from $500,000 to $2M, and up to $5M within the program.
Additional capacity of up to $25M is available off program, if needed. The minimum premium for the program starts as low as $750.

Complementary products
Evolution Insurance can also provide separate policies for employment practice liability, fiduciary liability, excess insurance, etc., as well as complementary products such as cyber or crime insurance.